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Greetings! We hope you have a happy dream!

    About Dreama

  • Who is Dreama? - An Angel
  • When is Dreama's Birthday? - March 18
  • What does Dreama do? - Creates beautiful dreams
  • Where does Dreama live? - in Heaven
  • What is Dreama's favorite color? - White
  • What is Dreama's favorite food? - Marshmallows, Cauliflower & Angel Food Cake
  • What is Dreama's favorite song? - Just a Dream by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie
  • What does Dreama like? - Sitting on comfy clouds, moonlight & summer breezes
  • Where does Dreama sleep? - Curled up cozily on a puffy cloud
  • What does Dreama dislike? - Nightmares
  • Who is Dreama's enemy? - Nightinggo (Night-ing-go) - she creates nightmares
  • Who is Dreama's favorite person? - God
  • What is Dreama's favorite animal? - A White Dove

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