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What we do Introduction

Special Effects, iClone Props and 3d Animated Videos

The Mythical Dragon designs and creates special effects, animated videos and 3d animated iClone Props for use in Reallusion's 3d Movie Studio - iClone 5. iClone 5 Pro makes creating 3d animated videos easy with real time animation, an easy to use interface and a large range of special effects and animated props created by both Reallusion and many individual developers like myself. What used to take movie makers days or weeks can now be accomplished in hours. With the new realistic physics engine iClone has become one of the leaders in 3d animation. Check out the videos, props and resources on this site to see if iClone is what you've been looking for. Reallusion also sells cutting edge 2d animation software. For the best deal on any of Reallusion's animation products CLICK HERE.

To see all of the special effects and iClone props that I've created check out my store.

Thank you for visiting The Mythical Dragon Website!

And thank you even more for your support by purchasing one of our special effects or 3d animated iClone props created in the iClone 5 Pro!

About Me:

I love creating special effects, designing iClone props and making animated videos. I am a Reallusion Certified Content Developer and a Reallusion Certified Director. - (or perhaps I am just I create what I enjoy.

As you can tell from my logo, my favorite genre is medieval fantasy, but I am definately not limited to this genre. Being able to create props myself in iClone allows me to create any genre of video. There really is no limit.

I have a very vivid imagination so there is no telling where I may wind up at the end of each day or what adventures I will have along the way.

Featured iClone Props Featured Video
iClone Props & Sfx iClone Props iClone Props & Sfx
Explosion01 - iClone 5 Prop Special Effect Fireball Special Effect iClone Props iClone Prop - Holographic ComSensor>
iClone Props & Sfx iClone Props & Sfx iClone Props & Sfx
Campfire iClone Prop iClone Prop - Lightning Saber Combo Wildfire Fireworks iClone Props & Effects

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